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are you on pinterest? let's connect. we started our first board today, titled home decor roses. we hope you'll repin and share. thank you for your support. 

need a little inspiration? want to get to know our collections better? we can help: 

- bello would love beautiful in your bedroom, or the bathroom counter, or even by backsplash in your kitchen. 

- cinque is versatile and can fit just about anywhere in the home. it's the perfect addition to a photoshoot because you can take it anywhere. 

- tavola was made to be a statement piece for your table, but it works anywhere you have space. it is 28 roses after all. or 19 depending on which design you pick. either way, tavola can be the piece that ties your room together and sparks conversation. 

- lettera is something special. something hand-crafted just for you, or someone special. choose a letter and a color and we'll create a custom shadowbox piece just for you. Planning an engagement? We can make your initials come to life in a piece that will commemorate the night and symbolize the undying love between you. 

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